Opportunity marketing on the back of the iPhone: from 6S to success

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The launch of a new iPhone has become a major marketing event, with every rumor being picked apart by the media weeks or even months before the big launch by Apple CEO Tim Cook. But the Californian tech giant isn’t the only company cashing in on the latest launch of the world’s best-selling smart phone.

As Silicon Valley tech bloggers go into meltdown trying to predict the name of the next iPhone – rumoured to be either the 6S or 7 – a North American marketing firm has gone to extraordinary lengths to persuade Apple to not call it the 6S. Why? Because the agency is also called 6S.

Although you’ve probably never heard of 6S Marketing – you have now! – they launched their own tongue-in-cheek campaign to keep their cherished name exclusive to them.
We named the company 6S because it sounds like ‘success,’” said Chris Breikss, the company’s marketing president. “The name came from a custom license plate on a Mercedes that my father and I spotted when I was 11 years old — it read SSS SSS. After much deliberation, we realized that translated to ‘six-esses,’ or ‘successes.’ »
The campaign has featured on the side of a truck which was parked outside of Apple’s iconic Fifth Avenue Store with the message “Dear Apple, Please call it the iPhone 7. Sincerely, 6S Marketing”.

6S Marketing AppleStore

The 6S Marketing truck parked in front of the Apple Store, New York City

And they also purchased ad space in Times Square pleading this time with the whole « universe » to avoid making the agency even more famous than it already wasn’t. The hashtag #WeAre6S assured there would be even less visibility on Twitter.

6S Times Square

The S marketing campaign in Times Square, New York City

6S’s campaign is a great example of a publicity stunt creating brand awareness while showing the world how good they are at their job. Executed with humour, it provides the best advert for its own services. And even though it’s unlikely Apple will name its latest handset iPhone 7, the success of 6S has already been guaranteed.

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