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[Publicité] Melbourne University – Australia // Where Great Minds Collide #ATWL

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Let’s stay in Australia this week. Today we’d like to introduce to the latest campaign from Melbourne University.

One idea drives this campaign : Together we are Better. Of course the place where great minds collide is Melbourne University.

The campaign is video based with an dedicated website. The main film shows an allegory of students representing research topics where two domains collide to go further in realizations.

Melbourne University Where Great Minds Collide

In the website, you ‘ll learn how students from several courses (we did it some years ago) play in the video. The « making of » is very interesting to know how a commercial can be turned into an event on the campus, having staff and students together with a sense of collaboration to create an « esprit de corps » . You will find also several videos that explains these collisions and gained results in engineering and environments, biomechanics and medicine, forestry and mapping, genomics and melanoma or accounting and botany.


Well done !

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