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Publicité] Edith Cowan University Open Day – Australia // Futures at your feet #ATWL

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Every University or School has its own Open Day. How to innovate for this annual event? Ask the question to Edith Cowan University from Perth, Australia. This year, they promoted their Open Day in a clever campaign that mixes Real Life, social networking and prospective.

How they did it?

Of course, you have a dedicated website or a page where everything about this special day is shown: Demos, exploring facilities, entertainment, meet and talk with current and past students. That’s fine, every school or university in the world do so. So what?

They assumed that people love gear, arty gear, adventure gear, techy gear and asked this simple question: « Can the gear you love lead to a career you love? ».
Then « ECU » has printed 12 vinyl decals for floor, each with gear from ECU courses and displayed them in railway stations. Potential students could step on the vinyl and snap and share on Instagram or Twitter a pic of them gravitating towards their favorite gear.

The idea : ECU replyed with a matched comment to the appropriate career stall at ECU Open Day.




The #ECUOPENDAY hashtag usage increased by 950%, the campaign received over 3400 likes and attendance increased by 4000.

Stand up on your feet and clap your hands !


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