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[Publicité] Ads That We Like University of Antwerp – Belgium « Let’s Define the future » @UAntwerpen #ATWL

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University_Of_Antwerp_Lets_Define-The-Future_ATWLWhy do we like this campaign from @UAntwerpen? Is it about multiple programs? ? Is it because of the clever art direction? Is it because of the copy writing? Yes it’s all about that!

Look at these prints:
– A bra as a pair of spectacles for research on gender and diversity
– A thermometer asa road for research on innovative asphalte
– A keyhole as a lawyer for research on internet law and privacy
– A pan as a magnifying glass for research on food bacteria
– A nuclear plant chimney as a tree for research on bio-energy plants

Aren’t they amazing!

University of Antwerp is one of the major Belgian universities. It is divided into 9 faculties:
– Applied Economics
– Applied Engineering Sciences
– Arts
– Design Sciences
– Law
– Medicine and Health Sciences
– Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
– Political and Social Sciences
– Science


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