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[Publicité] Ad That We Like: Westbourne Grammar School – Australia // Think Like a Hero #ATWL @WGSPrincipal

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At NSB we love heroes. And we found a bunch of them in a school that wants its students to think like heroes.

Westbourne Grammar School is a school located in the outer south-western suburb of Melbourne.  In September 2015, it has launched a campaign based on its new brand positioning statement « Think Like a Hero » and the concept of the « hero’s journey » as introduced by American mythologist, writer and lecturer Joseph Campbell.

The school challenges its student not only to « Think like a Hero », but to be their own hero.

The school wanted a campaign that was be fresh, exciting and different. It has also the aim to be used throughout a wide range of marketing and advertising material over the next years. The centrepiece of the campaign is a video telling the story of four of Westbourne’s current »heroes ».

westbourne-grammar-think-like-a-hero-03   westbourne-grammar-think-like-a-hero-04  westbourne-grammar-think-like-a-hero-01  westbourne-grammar-think-like-a-hero-02
Aren’t they look like heroes ?



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