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[Publicité] Ad That We Like: US Institutions – USA // Athletes #ATWL

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Today, we will present not only one ad, but two that use athletes at American colleges in their institution’s communication. The prestige these guys and girls bring to their university is so important that it is often used to recruit students, future high potential value athletes, and even former ones.

The motto of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) is to prioritize all college athletes and give them equal opportunities on and off the field. You can see in this video how women are putting an end to proving themselves as athletes to get the world to see past their gender.

In this second video, the NCAA reminds us that no matter how much training or how many championships are won, the numbers don’t lie: only 2% of college athletes will go pro. They recruited a football legend and former college athlete Jerry Rice to spell out the realities for college athletes and what awaits them after the final whistle is blown.

This a double trigger campaign: the first one to promise athletes an equal treatment. The second one is to warn these college athletes that even if they are not part of the 2%, they will learn something that is quite invaluable: academics, well-being and fairness. Everything that makes for well-balanced behaviour.

The University of Phoenix developped a program to help pro athletes get a degree. For this, they have an ace, Larry Fitzgerald. He is a pro football player and plays wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. His contracts are in the millions of dollars, but he made a promise to his mother: to get a college degree. She thought that it was the most important thing to have, whatever the path or journey his life took. UofP shows how they put in place programs with facilities for a professional life and even family life since these athletes often left college to enter the pro circuit and live an adult life.


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