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Distance education is practiced at Unopar in Brazil for 40 years and has trained more than 300,000 students. The university offers courses from first to third cycle but also free courses in over 450 municipalities in all Brazilian states.

In their latest TV spots, Unopar wants to show its commitment to evolve with communication tools. As they evolve, Unopar adjusts to how to speak today and therefore Ala way to learn.

Find Nostradamus (Know-it-all), a sailor of the Titanic, the Paleonuts group and some others in the exchanges they could have had on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.




Man on the moon

Spaceship to base, arrived on the moon !!!
We are seeing.
As well?
It has 45 cameras inside and FOAR the ship.
We can see and hear everything that you do there!

ALL ???
Even in the bathroom?
Yes! but then we put the trainee to keep an eye …

Mona Lisa

Ae, Michalenagelo! Binds this cat!
Who is this « painting » ???
My masterpiece
Calm there Léo. Do not excite too much
Oh, binds! She is beautiful
And … I would change only one thing in it
Oh really? What?


Filhão, you know that trip to America I would give for your birthday?
Know! Q q have?

It’s not gonna happen. The dollar is too high
Gee, Dad! Q blunder!
Yes and as I thought here … remember that big car that we saw at the dealership?
Of course too cool !!
I bought one just like it for you !!!


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