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[Publicité] Ad That We Like: University of Phoenix – USA // We Rise – More than brain @UOPX #ATWL

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The University of Phoenix is suffering since several years of a low student enrollment. The institution must also face criticism in the press about the teachings performance advertising budgets but also to the purchase of the group and the organization of its administration. With this new marketing campaign « We Rise » UoPh wants to show that the institution, its students, graduates, faculty are true phoenix, able to born again from their ashes. They want to remember to never underestimate what the human mind is capable. They call themselves « The Risers. »
They define themselves as:

« The ones who know that if we want it
We have to go out and get it.
We give blood, sweat and sometimes tears
We know pride and know humility
We are sculpted by adversity
And we do not envy those who lead the easy life
We are made from a desire and a dream
But we leave nothing up to fate
We have the skill, and we have the will
And we will not let ourselves ignored
We heard we’re not ready for the world
The question is: is the world ready for us »?

The question is, despite this courageous marketing positioning, will they really be reborn?


We Rise Lauch event:


What It Means to Rise:


« More than brain », the commercial:


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