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[Publicité] Ad That We Like: @UNISA – Africa // Define Tomorrow #ATWL

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Let’s make a tour in Africa this week, the next market for education.

The ad is for UNISA, Africa’s largest distance learning institution. The film follows the story of a UNISA student who, through a correspondence course, undertakes the journey towards his degree whilst working his job as a taxi driver. He shares this taxi business with his father, and they alternate shifts. His dad works the day shift, while he takes over at night. We see his struggle as he works through the night, picking up an array of passengers, while studying during the day and every other opportunity he gets. Feeling alone and isolated in his studies, but at point he realises that he’s not alone in his struggle, and it gives him that extra push, the push to provide a better future for him and his family, and ultimately define his tomorrow.


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