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[Publicité] Ad That We Like: TV Rain – Russia // « Free the words » @tvrain #ATWL

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This week we look at a moving campaign by independent Russian television channel Rain TV. Still reeling from a controversial online survey asking whether Leningrad should have been surrendered to the Nazis during the second world war in order to save the lives of the hundreds of thousands who died in the siege of the city, the channel needed to reconnect with its viewers

Freedom of speech has not been one of Russia’s strongest points these days, but after apologizing for the offence caused against Russian patriotism, they created this film to raise awareness about one of Russia’s biggest independent TV channels being shut down. This film is a reminder of the importance of the beauty words when they are set free.

The action takes place in a Moscow trolley-bus, packed with passengers. A young man begins citing poetry from the Russian greats such as Pushkin and his “I remember a wonderful moment”. We see the other passengers’ dramatic reactions unfold during the three-minute long film, as all Russians learn these poems at school. And because they are a part of Russia’s cultural heritage, we understand the trans-generational message seen in the passengers’ emotions, even without understanding the Russian language.



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