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For sure you’ve heard of Victoria Beckham, the Spice Girls and their song « Wannabe ». Even if you’re under 17 or elder than 90, the refrain should be somewhere in your memory.

20 years after the huge and iconic success of this song, Victoria Beckham gives support to the parody broadcasted to promote the charity organism « Global Goals« . Its aim is to give young women the means of their ambition, anywhere in the world. The organism wishes to draw attention on its action #WhatIReallyReallyWant that which highlights the difficult situation which live several women worldwide.

The 1996 Spice Girls hit « Wannabe » has been recreated to promote gender equality for Project Everyone. In the new web film performers take the song and dance routine around the world, from India to Great Britain, to promote gender equality. Messages in the clip include « Equal pay for equal work »; « End child marriage » and « Female Education ».



The assocation wishes to end the violence made for the women, for children’s marriages and to allow every girl to have access to a quality education, as well as to a wage equity.

Global Goal invites the Internet users to share photos of themselves with a poster indicating their wishes for the future of the fair sex.
These images will be presented to the leaders of the world during the UN General Assembly in September.


If you want to take part of the movement, using the #WhatIReallyReallyWant hashtag, share a photo of yourself holding up what YOU really, really want for girls and women.

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