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[Publicité] Ad That We Like: Microsoft – USA // Make What’s Next #ATWL

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A few weeks ago, the International Women day was celebrated. At that occasion, Microsoft produced this film, part of its campaign « Make What’s Next », where schoolgirls were asked some inventors names.

The replies to the question are very easy: Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, etc. Replies are multiple and come without hesitation from the schoolgirls. But those inventors are all men. So, they are asked to name female inventors. No one is able to give a name.
Then come answers with, as examples, Tabitha Babbitt (circular saw,1813), Ada Lovelace (first computer algorithm, 1842-1843), Yvonne Brill (satellite propulsion, 1967) or Mary Anderson (windshield wipers, 1903).

The aim of Microsoft campaign is to help girls realizing they too can study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). And if they do, they can make anything.



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