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[Publicité] Ad That We Like: GPA Institute – Brazil // The Help Search #ATWL

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Back to basic this week, with a little bit of digital. GPA Institute offers free educational programs that faster employability and entrepreneurship, always guided by the belief: « Education for ethics, leadership and autonomy. »

Their actions are oriented towards development of potential and the development of people, leading them to the achievement of better health, housing, education, training and professional expertise. Believe also in development for the people, because the fruits of economic growth should translate into improved living conditions for all, more equitably.

This idea of this ad is born from a very simple and real insight: when a child learns something, she can help other people using her knowledge. From this strong idea, GPA Institute seek digital consumption habits of people the best way to affect, surprise and communicate the importance of GPA Institute work.

Who do you consult when you do not know something? Exactly, search engines. In partnership with Yahoo, they selected among its millions of daily searches the 100 most asked and most relevant issues within the education and culture. For each question, the first result was a video with one of the children helped by GPA Institute answering. That is, who had any doubt would be helped by one of the children. In this way, we reach the target in digital media using what is the most important thing for GPA Institute: children education.

Well done !



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