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[Publicité] Ad That We Like: Door Step School – India // Roads named after street kids #ATWL

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It’s not easy being a kid in the slums of Mumbai. Life is tough, parents often work day and night but barely make enough to put food on the table. On the other hand, the goons and slum lords seem to have all the time, money and respect a child could want. For kids born into the slums of Mumbai, education is not a priority. Quick money and fame is. Unfortunately, without other role models, the criminals are who the children begin to look up to and school falls by the wayside.

Door Step School soughts to give these impressionable kids new role models, and while doing so, get them to believe in education and making a better future for themselves. Streets in India are named after famous people but the slums of Mumbai are a maze of hundreds of narrow, crisscrossing streets, many without names. The campaign named streets in Mumbai’s Ambedkar Nagar slum, home of more than 2.4 million people, after the best academic performers in school. The children were celebrated in a road naming ceremony with the community and celebrities in attendance.

The idea was to name the streets in the slums after the kids who were toppers in school. And publicly celebrate these ‘achiever’ children. Entire slum communities were invited for the event which was held over 2 days. A famous tv star, a local politician and a bureaucrat found the time to ‘inaugurate’ the new roads, speak to the kids and their parents, and thus motivate the kids to stay in school and build a future for themselves.

India has tens of thousands of slum by-lanes. And none of them have names.


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