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[Publicité] Ad That We Like: Chicago Art Institute – USA // Van Gogh AirBnB #Vangoghbnb #ATWL @artic

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Renting a room on AirBnB for your holidays this summer? For the art lovers among you, go a step further and spend a night in one of the most famous paintings in the world!

To promote the Art Institute of Chicago’s new Van Gogh exhibit, The Institute recreated one of Van Gogh’s most intimate paintings, “The Bedroom” and, through a partnership with Airbnb, invited people to spend a night inside.
Working from original documentation supplied by the Art Institute, craftsmen spent four weeks recreating the room. As a result, instead of just looking at a Van Gogh painting, people could live inside one, bringing them closer to the artist than ever before.

Event result? Hundreds of press coverage were generated around the world into newspapers, television show, radio covers, etc.

Moreover, this event was awarded in Cannes Lions this year, and we fully agree!

Site of the exhibition

Look at the Art Institute of Chicago’s Instagram account : https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/vangoghbnb/

Rent the room : https://www.airbnb.fr/rooms/10981658 for 9€!


We are leaving on holiday for some days, if it is also time for you to have a break, enjoy them!


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