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[Publicité] Ad That We Like: Ayrton Senna Institute – Brazil // No Pulso do Brasil #ATWL @ayrtonsenna

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Even the generation that never saw Ayrton Senna hit a F1 race knows that winning at home was the great motivation of one of the greatest idols of world sport.

In a year so important for Brazilian sports, the Ayrton Senna Institute launches No Pulso do Brasil  (The Heart of Brazil), an animated film with a message from Senna to athletes. The images that recreate Ayrton’s difficulties and how he overcame them for one of his most beautiful victories may be seen through an augmented reality app attached to a charm bracelet that is being distributed to the Brazilian delegation. The video using the athlete’s arm as a display.

The action initially estimated the production of 2,000 bracelets, but the buzz was so great that another 32,000 of them are already in production and an even greater amount is expected to be distributed soon.

No Pulso do Brasil on Appstore :
No Pulso do Brasil on Google Play

Testimonials from Brazilian athletes

the video from the charm bracelet

« Sid, there are certain things over which we have no control. I cannot quit, I have to go on. »
A. Senna April 30, 1994



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