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Bogota has 8 million inhabitants but only 1 in 10 has reached higher education. In addition, Colombia is ranked 62th (out of 65) in the 2012 PISA rankings.

On the other hand, the residents of Bogota lose a lot of time in public transport, particularly buses. On average, the inhabitants of Bogota spend 25 hours a week on bus route, or 1,200 hours per year. Either the same time for annual courses!

From this, »DNA », the Colombian free daily newspaper, had the idea to use the public transport buses as classrooms. But not by creating a MOOC, or by offering a subscription for distance courses. Simply using the radio. For this, they asked celebrities to lend their voices to give courses on the radio. Thus, actors or journalists teach Microfinance, sex education, English, civics, history, etc.

In total, these 8 different courses in over 500 classes reached 500.000 people!

According to Pedro Pablo Martinez, Academic Vice Rector of the Agricultural University of Colombia:

« Virtual learning is becoming a part of different media like TV and radio, and if we can take advantage of this time when people are commuting on the bus, it is a completely viable solution. »

In addition, those who have decided to continue studying may use credits in different educational institutions.


This campaign won a Bronze Lion in Cannes 2015 in the category Use Radio as a Medium


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