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[Publicité] Ad That We Like: ACT – UK-India // Cyber-bullying

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ACT-Cyber-BullyingThe aim of the English association « ACT » is to defend human rights worldwide. Through this campaign in India, the cyber-bullying is targeted with these 3 ads. We liked the puns on the names of three of the largest social networks.

The harassment is a character trait often found in human behavior: because the person is not like the others, because it crystallizes fear and resentment… Because it makes you feeling strong, it is good to run with the pack, it is the feeling of belonging and relief not to be the victim.

The advent and development of social networks allows everyone to take part in this condemnation as soon as a victim is pointed out. The development of cyber-bullying is especially easy as it is anonymous and it takes only one click, to relaying the bad joke, the little phrase, the word that hurts, for participate in the movement.

Monica Lewinsky  says she is the « patient zero of the loss of instant fame ». She demonstrates in a twenty minutes speech  at TEDTalks 2015 how she could have sunk, like others, under the pressure of cyber-harassment.

« Act » asks to use social social media and don’t abuse it. What about you?



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