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#ATWL – Harvard Business School for Harvard Business Review // Do You Subscribe To The Power Of Ideas?

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Everyone in business knows this famous influential management magazine that is the Harvard Business Review from Harvard Business School.

It provides many case studies, interviews, advices, ideas and article about leadership, organizational change, negotiation, strategy, operations, marketing, finance, and managing people. How is it possible to explain in a few words on a print the power contained in those pages?

In this ad the illustration is reduce to the minimum, a growing chart and a representation of light diffraction

In respect to the KISS principle, we can say :


  • Keep it Simple, Stupid ;
  • Keep it Stupidly Simple ;
  • Keep it Simple & Stupid ;
  • Keep it Simple, Silly ;
  • Keep it Small & Simple ;
  • Keep it Sweet & Simple ;
  • Keep it Simple & Straightforward ;
  • Keep it Short & Simple ;
  • Keep it Simple & Smart ;
  • Keep it Strictly Simple ;
  • Keep it Speckless & Sane ;
  • Keep It Super-Simple ;
  • Keep it Sober & Significant ;
  • Keep it Short & Sweet .


Just brilliant!

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