[Ranking] THE Asia University 2015

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THE Asia Rankings are based on the same criteria as its World University ranking. This year, even though The University of Tokyo has still the first place, Universities in China are better this year.

Japan still retains 19 universities ranked in this prestigious top 100. This is 3 less than in 2013. And 15 of its universities have lost places in the ranking.
While Chinese universities climb in the hierarchy including Peking University that arrives 4th in the ranking. Also Wuhan University, which rose from 49 th to 15 th.

Asia Universities Top 10

Rank University Country
1 University of Tokyo Japan
2 National University of Singapore Singapore
3 University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
4 Peking University China
5 Tsinghua University China
6 Seoul National University South Korea
7 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Honk Kong
8 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology South Korea
9 Kyoto University Japan
10 Nanyang Technological University Singapore



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