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Influence of European Business Schools and their Deans on Twitter

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In this ranking we have chosen to compare French, British, Spanish, German and Italian institutions present in the Financial Times’ 2014 European Business School Rankings, as well as their Deans.

Schools and Twitter


Only four points separate the top 11 schools. The first two schools, ESSEC and the University of Oxford Saïd School of Business, are tied. London Business School is third despite it being ranked top in the FT, far ahead of the first two, respectively ranked 15th and 10th in the FT.

Indeed, Twitter influence does not correspond to the FT’s ranking, as schools found in the top 10 of our ranking are placed as low as 69th by the FT.

French business schools are the most represented in the rankings, followed closely by those in the UK. This is expected given their over-representation in relation to the number of schools in other countries. The Spanish schools are almost all present in the top 11. German and Italian Business Schools are however absent from the top spots. The top German school is WHU Beisheim with an influence score of 45 points and ranked 41st, followed by ESMT with 38 points and ranked 55th. The first Italian school is SDA Bocconi, with an influence score of 55 points and ranked 21st.


Median and mean

Not surprisingly, all schools have integrated Twitter into their mix of communications tools. As previously mentioned, The London School of Economics was not included in this classification because of the multiplicity and specialization of its accounts.

In Europe, the median of the influence score is 50.5 points for a mean average of 49.77. Germany is situated significantly below the other countries. France and Spain are responsible for the average increase. In France, the median is 53 and 64 in Spain. The integration of all schools does not seem to have too much of a bias effect and the distribution of schools is fairly homogeneous.


Business-schools-on-Twitter-EN Business-Schools-score-influence-Twitter-EN

Ranking of Schools in their country


German schools are at the bottom of the European table. This is most likely due to the low use of Twitter in general in Germany.



Spanish schools are highly ranked in Europe. There are three in the top 10 and are far above the European median.




French schools all perform well in the European ranking. They all have a Twitter account and the majority of them are above the European median. It is interesting to note that the FT ranking has little effect on the Twitter influence ranking. In the top 20 European Twitter influencers, there are schools classified lower than 60th in the FT’s ranking.

Business-School-France1 Business-School-France2


UK schools can be considered to occupy an influential place in the ranking. As for the French schools, the FT ranking does not correspond to the Twitter ranking – first place is occupied by the 10th school in the FT and 8th place by Birmingham Business School, which was ranked 69th by the FT.



Italy brings up the rear of this ranking. As with Germany, the use of Twitter in Italy is limited. The platform is not the most used and has been supplanted by Whatsapp[1].


[1] We included Whatsapp as a social networking platform.

General European ranking


Deans ranking

Only 41% of Deans have an official Twitter account, totalling 26 out of 63. None of the Italian Deans are present on Twitter and only Santiago Iñiguez, Dean of IE Business School in Spain, uses Twitter. The European median for the number of Deans on Twitter is 17 and 21.73 mean. French Deans are the most influential in terms of median (19), followed by those from Germany (14) and the UK (1). Here we find a discrepancy between the results observed for the schools, which all have Twitter accounts.

It is worth noting the particular case of the London Business School. In a strategy for continuity and to extend the life of the Dean’s account, Andrew Likiermann, Dean of London Business School, uses the handle “Deanstuff”. Unfortunately, this account is no longer updated (38 followers and only 2 following in more than 5 years). Yet communicating in the name of the institution (LBS) as well as through the general Dean’s account, whatever the handle may be in the future, will allow the institution to keep this account and all its components, and so dispose of a second broadcast channel. This is a strategy implemented by the American administration with the @WhiteHouse and @POTUS accounts.


Ranking the Deans present on Twitter

With five Deans in the top five, the French monopolize the European ranking. Yet among the 26 Deans present in this ranking, only 14 can claim double-digit influence.



Two infographics to share that complement this study:




We have selected German, Spanish, French, British and Italian business and management schools present in the FT 2014 European Business School ranking. For France, we have included all the business and management schools of the Conference des Grandes Ecoles. Regarding Twitter, we selected the main, official account. Thus, for a school with multiple Twitter accounts, only the one indicated on the institution’s official web site were analysed. In the event of a school indicating several accounts on its website, such as with the London School of Economics, we chose not to include it in the rankings. In the case of a school with campuses in several countries, we used the one where its headquarters are located.

For the Deans’ Twitter accounts, we identified them through both traditional search engines and Twitter. Only those clearly identified in their profiles with a mention of their school and their job title were analysed.

To rank the schools and Deans, we used the Followerwonk influence score which is determined by the following variables: the number of retweets (main component of the score), the number of Tweets over time, the number of followers and the number of subscriptions.

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