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How to get a verified account on Twitter

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Since July 2016 everyone has the ability to get a certified profile on Twitter. Follow these few steps to get yours with the blue ribbon.

Step 1

Go to the Twitter verification request page

1 Twitter Request Page

You need to be logged into your Twitter account.


Step 2

2 Twitter Request check account

Check the username you would like to be verified. If it’s not the one you want to, log in with the correct one. If the account is for a brand, a company or an organization, tick the box.

If  there are required  information missing, such as verified phone number, confirmed email address, bio, profile image, header image birthday (only for personal accounts), or website, you will have to add these information to your Twitter account. Don’t forget to turn your account in public!

Once done press « Next » button

Step 3

3 Twitter Request Page Information

Fill in required information about 2 to 5 websites that can be used as reference to identify your account.

In these websites, you  should provide evidence of your public influence. It’s not mandatory to list  your own website as Twitter already knows about it.

In the text area explain in a few words why your account should be verified. For individuals, just demonstrate you impact on other people. For companies, outline your mission as well as your success at achieving it.

Then click the « Next » button to access the submission page.

Step 4

Wait for a decision. Once it has been made, you will be notified by email.


Step 5

Do’t give up! If your request is denied, wait for 30 days to re-submit your request.




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