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[Publicité] Ad of the Week : Non-Violence – Mexico // Non Violence México Camión #ATWL @NVPFoundation

Posté par Pascal Petitjeanil y a 3 annéespas de commentaire

This Switzerland based NGO aims to end violence in the world. They believe in education and thinks Mahatma Gandhi was right when he said: “If you want to change the world, you must start with the children.”  Today, this is one of their action in Mexico we want to share with you: « La Violencia Termina cuando la educación empieza »

To communicate their mission statement they used a conventional medium in an unconventional way. Inmates and children together in the same bus travelling around Mexico City with the message : « Violence ends when| Education begins ». An action that generated interest, curiosity and much personal reflection.

This action echoed throughout the media. Thousands of tweets where generated in just a few hours including one from a very particular person.

1 900 00 people where reached, obtaining an estimated reach of 25 000 000 total impressions on Twitter.

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