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[Publicité] Ads That We like : Pornhub // Wankband #ADTWL

Posté par Pascal Petitjeanil y a 4 annéespas de commentaire

This week, nothing to show from Education market. So, we decided to select Pornhub’s Wankband announcement. This animation shows a charger that will be able to store kinetic energy produced by the movement of the hand….

Atwl Wankband

« Introducing The Wankband: The first wearable tech that allows you to love the planet, by loving yourself. Ladies and gentlemen, the power is your hand. »

Why do we like this pub this week? First of all, because it made us laugh, we admit it. Then we enjoyed the quality of the  animation and the tone employed by the advertiser who could have easily fall into the trap of vulgarity. Even if it is a fake, even if it’s for the buzz, the idea of using « sustainable » energy to promote / justify pornography website is definitivly well done. Google proves it, this animation has generated over 9000 search results in a few days. Good job!

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