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[Publicité] Ad That We Like: SanPellegrino – USA // Delightways #ATWL

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Will you spend some times in the US during your holidays? We found this clever app from San Pellegrino as an alternative to Google Map.

Delightways is more than a navigation app. It’s a wandering tool that helps you explore and discover New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Austin, Seattle, Boston, Washington DC or Atlanta.

Sanpellegrino® Sparkling Fruit Beverages has curated thousands of local attractions people love. Then whenever you want to wander, Delightways uses these spots to map a custom path to your destination. So as you’re walking, Delightways takes you to unique places to visit and cool things to do, from parks to architecture, food trucks to specialty cafes, markets and boutiques, dive bars and jazz bars, museums and street art.

The app is available on Google Play and AppStore


Select the city


Plan your trip


Select options


Select suggestions


Remove pinpoints


Share with friends


Suggestions from local tastemakers


For those who leaves on holidays on July: Enjoy them!




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